(Chesterhope Vincenzo X Chesterhope World Betta)

Criador/Breeder:  Diane O'Neill - Chesterhope Pointers - Nova Zelândia 

Proprietário/ Owner: Bruno Galli, Flavio Rodrigues

Coproprietários / Co-owners: Jim Douthit & Helyne E. Medeiros.

Retired at Seasyde Pointers - USA

Pais Avós Bisavós Trisavós
Chesterhope Vincenzo Emilio Del Galeazzo Brek Ran Del Sole
Mis Vento Della Marciola
Chesterhope Twist Of Fate Azzaro Unexpected Bug R Me with Chesterhope Chesterhope Hes The Bees Knees
Chesterhope Wild Thing
Chesterhope Rise N On Up Vossmead Firecrest of Crookrise
Atsira Issabella
Chesterhope World Betta Crookrise Liam of Crookrise Crookrise Rhum Crookrise Hi-Jack
Lynwater Frosty Welcome of Crookrise
Calderside Nigael at Wherathy Vossmead Gambler of Crookrise
Toberdoney Dreenagh
Chesterhope Catch 'N Dazzle Robwyn Time To Tell Chesterhope Black Magic
Atsira Never Say Never
Top-shot Dazzle Pinnacle Gold Strike
Top-shot Lady Purdy

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