(Zensu Mousetrap Heart X Chesterhope Got T B There)

Criador/Breeder:  Flávio Rodrigues - Perdizes de Brasilia / Ash Oldfield - Fabello Kennel

Proprietário/ Owner: Flávio Rodrigues.


Pais Avós Bisavós Trisavós
Zensu Mousetrap Heart Chesterhope My Foreign Envoy Chesterhope Lets Be Serious Bee Serious Lord Jim
Atsira Never Say Never
Robwyn Touch of Gold Chesterhope Black Magic
Atsira Never Say Never
Chesterhope Little Lil Crookrise Liam of Ponsonby Crookrise Rhum
Calderside Nigael at Wherathy
Chesterhope Catch 'N Dazzle Robwyn Time to Tell
Top-shot Dazzle
Chesterhope Got T B There Azzaro Unexpected Bug R Me with Chesterhope Chesterhope Hes The Bees Knees Chesterhope Lets Be Serious
Chesterhope Catch 'N Dazzle
Chesterhope Wild Thing Top-shot Sir Winchester
Chesterhope Tequila
Chesterhope Luv N It Up Chesterhope Young Quin Chesterhope Bracken
Arista Sondra
Chesterhope Rise N On Up Vossmead Firecrest of Crookrise
Atsira Issabella


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